How to get a copy of your car title

Do note that even if the car title has already been transferred, not all states require you to order a new one. you can just contact your state for details about how to change ownership with dmv records.
find your state's dmv site by selecting it from this list here. http://www.dmvlink.com/index-2/. once there, do the following: *choose the vehicle type, make and model of your vehicle.*fill out boxes on application according to information in previous box.*fill out boxes about transferor (seller's) information.*type in seller's license plate number; if no plate attached, need two buyer signatures instead of one for application validation purposes.*contact an authority in relevant

how do i get the title to my car in georgia?

the title is handed out at the time of purchase. if you're moving, the car will need to be registered with your new address.

how much does it cost to file for a lost title in texas?

i'm not a lawyer and i can't give legal advice (or advise you to break the law), but most people find it costs around $5 for one lost title, with some variation among individual requirements.

in order to answer this question properly, some context is needed. in texas, as mentioned above, some jurisdictions will charge up to $5 per title page for a duplicate. the more populated the area of filing is or as being closer geographically being near where the vehicle was bought from may also have say more on what's desired by those who do these things for a living means about how often they'll go out and grab anything that needs be scanned in come back and charge just little bit more then standard fee that would be

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