How to get a new car key

Dealership – for cars that are still under warranty, ask them to replace it for you, or have them give you authorization to take your car/key to a locksmith who can do so. if the car is not under warranty, contact it's original manufacturer and they should be able to provide keys for an average cost of $100. finally, if none of those two options work, find someone willing to cut a key with gauge wire that matches or look up lock opening tools on amazon that might help. obviously this option doesn't always work since there are risks involved but its worth considering if all other methods fail!

what is the cheapest way to get a replacement car key?

the cheapest way to get a replacement car key is for you to go to a locksmith or salvage yard and buy one.

this person has lost their vehicle key and they want their own replacement as cheaply as possible. a locksmith or salvage yard can be found easily in most areas, so this is the best route for them. all they need to do is inquire with someone at either of these places about what they have available, how much it will cost, and wait for the appropriate time before coming back to pick up the new key. alternatively if you are unable to find someone that does that service near you then contact us because we offer this service too!

can i get a car key made without original?

unfortunately, you can not get car keys made without the original. you will need to use locksmith services or go directly to your dealer.

how much is a new programmed car key?

the price of a key generally varies depend on whether you are using an aftermarket key or not. if you're using an oem-type key, the cost can range anywhere from $25-$150. if you are replacing your factory key with an aftermarket one, there is no set fee because these keys vary in quality depending on how durable they are. a prized injected molded plastic type would cost more than a cheaply made metal one for example. it's possible that if your remote uses rolling codes or encryption technology, this may also need to be accounted for when calculating the final cost of the project since an identical remote will have to be programmed in order to get it to work with the car again. generally speaking, all

how can i get another car key?

i feel your pain. i have to get new car keys placed in my key chain for three cars every two months because the opener breaks off. there are ways to remedy this problem, but they can often be expensive or risky. you could try replacing it with the battery, but the battery will wear out within a year so you'll end up disabling your remote all over again. another option is plating it with gold or silver yourself, which will assure that it won't break off any more–however both of these options are very impractical and costly if you don't possess skills in either jewelry design or welding metal together.
the best option would be to simply get another car key made for your car by a locksmith

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