How to get a new key for your car

There are a few ways to approach this problem. you can go to an authorized dealer and ask for a new key, which will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $250-$300 depending on your car manufacturer. alternatively, you could purchase an aftermarket key from many dealerships or locksmiths. but before you do this, be sure not to break the law and consult with automotive professionals about safety risks and liability issues with aftermarket keys since most insurance companies won't cover replacement costs if any accidents occur due to an aftermarket key. lastly, you could also contact your local mechanics who may charge less than $250 for repairs–most likely just parts since they wouldn't charge more than that if they were given old models or

can i get a new key for my car without the original?

no. the automobile locksmith must have a certified laser-cut blank key that matches the re-keyed master key to create a new key for your vehicle. before an automobile locksmith can cut a laser-cut blank to match this master key, though, they will need the following information from you: make and model of car; color of car; number of doors on car; person who requested re-keying or replacement keys for this specific make and model as well as any other pertinent info.

can i get a key made from the vin number?

answer: a car key made from the vin is not an option.

the verification of a vin number does not include making a keys that can be fitted into the ignition system. as such, not only would that process provide false security but it could potentially be illegal. we recommend using your old key with foto-lite to create replacements instead which is currently available nationwide at all keyarena dealerships, any locksmith or even online through our website!

faq – q) can i get a key made by entering my vin? a) if you're looking for car keys made from the vin you'll need to look elsewhere. our verification process doesn't include manufacturing keys with your vin included in them

what is the cheapest way to get a replacement car key?

you've got a few cheap options for a replacement key. one option is to use a locksmith. you can use your aaa card or your insurance deductible to have them come over and code the new part just like the old one. the call will depend on where you live, since each region has different locksmiths that might be better for this job than others – just give it a google or an app store search! some people even find success by calling their car dealership to see if they do keys in-house… at least for certain cars, depending on the region they're in. finally, you could also buy either a broken key from craigslist or ebay or you could head down to a wood shop and grab some kind

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