How to get a replacement car key without the original

You can do this one of two ways, depending on the make and model.

if your key is a double-sided key, chances are you will be able to duplicate it by getting the car's vin number from a sticker near the driver doorjamb.

usually, those specialized automotive locksmith companies that deal in customizing cars for owners with special needs have all kinds of keys. they may only live within driving distance from where you need a new key but they're still worth checking out as an option for making a replacement without the original. there may also be some truth to marketing gimmicks about anti-theft devices being unable to cope with high-tech copies – so long as they aren't copies themselves

how much does it cost to replace a car key without the original?

if your car key is missing, it doesn't actually matter whether you have the original or not. you are more likely to find a usable replacement key at a locksmith's warehouse, for between $5 – $10, then go to the dealer and order one new from them. finally, you can try contacting an auto locksmith near where you live. skip this step if your local lock mastery is willing to make copies of your keys on site- usually for around $30 total with the first copy being free!

how do i replace my car key without the original?

don't panic! this is a common problem that can be quickly remedied with ease. if the car key has sentimental value to you, then i suggest getting it refitted. however, if all you want is to get in your vehicle and start driving again, there are other options for getting your key replaced quickly. try simply asking someone at a hardware store or even any local locksmith if they have an extra copy of the same remote control's code in-stock– they might need some verification like seeing the old remote, but the likelihood of them helping out is high (most people want one way or another to help out their fellow co-human).
alternatively you could buy an off-the-shelf alarm system

can autozone make a key without the original?

in most cases, the answer is no. i would recommend contacting a locksmith or car dealership with experience in vehicle key programming to get your vehicle keys made without the original.
in rare circumstances involving older vehicles, you may be able to find a set of master keys online and then provide autozone with these master keys and the corresponding vin number for your specific vehicle so they can verify whether or not they will be able to make new keys for you. note that we cannot determine which vehicles we can deduce new working master key codes from unless given explicit permissions by customers who previously had their original keys re-cut at autozone locations.

information on social media: yes i’ve seen some controversy concerning this but one

can you get a car key made from a vin number?

yes, but it is an extremely expensive process which needs to be done by a specialist.

as you are probably aware, car keys are typically encoded with a transponder to track the ignition locks that they open. the key's vin number holds this encoding information, and your key must have the correct vin number in order to start your vehicle.
fortunately for us all, chipped or cylindrical keys can have their function switched easily between vehicles. over time these switches wear out so they need replacing at some point anyway – many people carry around several different keys because of this fact!
that having been said, if you lost the original key for your vehicle then getting another made from its vin would be

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