How to get california retro automobile license

To convert your current driver's license to a california learner's permit, you will need to bring your valid out-of-state/country driver’s license or id with you to dmv. your accompanying identification must reflect the name change. follow the steps below if needed:
1) get an mvr (must be eye test for seniors)
2) change your address on dvm as well as provide proof of residency – 1 primary set of documents required
3) provide proof of legal presence – 1 primary set of documents required 2 proofs accepted but not limited to: certificate from court, certificate from police authority, birth or naturalization certificate, us passport certificate). note that a

how do i get an 80s license plate in california?

you need to win the lottery.

the plate you are wishing for is highly sought after by many people, which means that chances of getting such a plate through pure luck such as in the california lottery (ca-lotto) would be slim. chances of getting this specific license plate in ca-lotto depends on how many total plates were made at the time and when they were released. you can try your luck here: https://www.cafirstplates.com/.

how do i get the black license plate in california?

you need to get a one-time exemption for the entire registration year and hope that you'll lose your job before the next renewal.

there's no way of getting the black license plate in california without going through this process. if eligible, go to renew your registration and fill out form reg10a. check “yes” on line 4, then mail it in with proof of income like a tax return or job contract letter. wait 2-to-4 weeks – if approved, you will receive an addition sticker for your license plate number contingent on passing dmv and credit checks (which entails an additional fee). your credential will be valid until dec 31st of that same year and you can't transfer this plates to any other vehicle

what is considered a historic vehicle in california?

an historic vehicle in california is one that has been manufactured fewer than 25 years ago and that was not originally manufactured for sale outside the us. that means no matter how good condition your car is, if it's not a pre-1989 model and can't be used outside of america, it doesn't count as an historic vehicle in california, and you need to take different steps before registering it. you'll need to make sure its original equipment fully operates (turn signals work), none of the lights are burnt out or missing (no headlights), there're no dents or rust on body panels, windows etc. as well as no obvious mechanical damage such as broken parts, leaks from engine oil or transmission fluid levels indicating internal problem).

how do i get a california 1960s legacy?

this is a question i'm not sure how to answer. it's probably best for you to google this.

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