How to get dents out of car

Alright, here's the deal with dent removal. first of all there are two types of dents to worry about. there's the common or “mild” dent and then there is what engineers call a “deep” dent. what you would want to do is identify if your dent falls under these categories. if your situation will require you to use any chemicals that could harm paint or other parts on your car then it is best that you do not attempt this repair at home as it can be difficult for anyone without experience in automotive repair. some people have pretty good luck using tools like hammers, pliers, and long sticks with screws poking out of them (called a jpr tool) but there are many risks involved

how can i remove dents from my car at home?

if you want to achieve a flawless and glossy finish, you can apply rubbing compound and buff with a microfiber towel. once the surface is clean and prepped, use a quality wax or sealant to protect the paint job.

if you don't have the time or patience for these methods, the quickest way is to take it into a shop that specializes in detailing for them to fix it. if they're too expensive just take your car elsewhere because there's plenty of places that offer cheaper service at this day in age where competition among shops is high enough due straight up asking would be an appropriate course of action instead of levying accusations and whispering behind people's backs so-to-speak.


how do you get dents out of cars?

there are many ways to get dents out of car, but if the dent is still in the process of popping up i recommend you go for this solution.

1) apply ice or cold water to cool or harden the metal so it becomes easy to work with over time.
2) position an object larger than the dent bent at a 70-degree angle against another strong material like wood or drywall (opposite that you're trying to pop). this will be like a support brace for the dent into which you can press your fingers firmly until you feel it give way.
3) press down on buttons on both sides of the dent which will release air pressure and push inward while pressing against them with your thumb (

how much does it usually cost to fix a dent in a car?

auto body repair customers are usually charged an average of $70-$100 per hour, but this rate can vary depending on the type of repair needed.

the money you spend depends on the type of car dent that needs to be repaired. it'll generally cost less to fill a small crease or dimple in the surface versus repairing a gouge or large scrape. if possible, it's always best to work with your service center directly because they'll know what needs to be done and how much it will cost before starting any auto body repair work.

can very small dents be removed from cars?

technological progress means that very small dents can be removed.

unsightly dings and scratches on vehicles are common, but this doesn't have to always remain the case. with each new generation there is a continuous technological progress that allows for small dents to be removed without leaving any trace of an original body damage which would make it attractive to thieves. that said, there does need to be enough metal left for the technicians, or you might end up paying an expensive repair bill after they attempt (then fail) at trying to fix your dent-less car with their special technique.

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