How to get into a car without keys

There are a few ways. let's start with the simplest and easiest, which is to use a metal coat hanger. hold one of the two pieces of wire straight down over where you think the lock should be located. protect your hand from scratching by taping part of some plastic onto it first–i'm using an old cd for this demo, but you could also cut off the bottom of a milk jug or bleach bottle or similar sized container like that–it won't make any difference as long as it's flat on top (that was confusing). gently rub your end of the wire gently up and down through any openings in different directions. when you feel something stop it (a ridge, ledge, etc.), move

how do you unlock a car without a key?

in the case of a locked vehicle, one should
either call a locksmith, have spare keys made with an automobile dealership, have a remote starter installed on the car to unlock it remotely from inside the car or suffer a breakdown until someone who has access to a key comes to their rescue.

how can i break into my car?

if you're looking to break into your car, one option is to take advantage of the lock tumblers. lock tumblers prevent you from turning the key in the wrong direction, but they aren't reinforced like a deadbolt (which means it can be opened with too much force). the best way to remove the lock tumbler is by popping out little tabs on each side of the lock cylinder with a screwdriver. sometimes this will release enough pressure for you to turn your key—otherwise you'll have to pry it open manually using a few tools.

what do i do if i locked my keys in the car?

unfortunately, there is no known way to open a vehicle doorlock if the keys are inside, and you will need your keys in order to get into the door.

there may be some methods that work to open the lock if it won't unlock by using wire or playing with how much tension is needed for this specific lock; however we cannot tell you exactly how to do it or give people directions about their locks. you might call someone who has experience opening locks like a carpenter and see what they recommend. sometimes these doors could be taken off and opened from another direction (towards the front of the car), but not every vehicle handle is made this way; so it's best that you consult an experienced professional before trying

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