How to get rid of a car without a title

If you're buying a vehicle, we recommend using the title to prove ownership. if you're selling a vehicle, we recommend including the paperwork in your listing. there are other avenues to sell a car without a title (e.g., craigslist or ebay), which should be relatively safer than walking around with cash and meeting strangers on street corners.

will a junkyard take a car without title?

no, they will refuse to take him. vehicles without a current title are called “junk” vehicles by the legal definition of that word. when you purchase a used vehicle from a private seller, for example on ebay or craigslist, then you can go straight to the junkyard and take ownership yourself. but when dealing with a legally licensed wrecker company, it is much more complicated and possible they will refuse your request if you do not have a title in your name, even though there is no longer any real use for it – because each state bans junked cars within their borders from being exported out-of-state for reasons of pollution control. the recycling process starts with taking apart the metal from inside

what do i do if i dont have the title to my car?

you can supply tittle reference to dmv

you want the title because the car is your primary means of transportation. losing it would make life very difficult, and even more expensive. if you don't have proof of ownership for any reason, you could contact the department of motor vehicle (dmv) in your state for help getting a title reference number, which will at least let you prove ownership until you can get back on your feet.

how do i get rid of a car with no papers?

although it's possible to sell a car in some cases without proper documentation, most cases will evoke a significant amount of paperwork and lien holder intervention. so the safest way is to wait for a buyer with legitimate paper work if it's the car you're trying to get rid of. i hope this clears things up!
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 -ceo of american automotive dealership association, inc. (i don't think that actually exists)

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