How to get rid of abandoned car on private property

Abandoned cars on private property are a problem, and there is no one “legal” way to get rid of them. often times these cars will be towed by the city or police department, but this isn't always the case. in general, if you want to get rid of an abandoned car on private property that doesn't belong there and it's still moveable and not causing any problems in your neighborhood or attracting trash, you can contact a private towing company and they may come haul it away for a fee. if it's un-moveable – such as sunken in mud or through something else – you'll have to hire an excavator to dig up the car before getting rid of it or paying someone

can i remove a car from private land?

depending on the country of origin, removing a car from private land is either legal or illegal.

in most countries around the world it depends on where the vehicle was before being driven onto the property. if it's stolen, yes – but otherwise you'll have to get permission from whoever owns that property. the answer for canada is yes with exceptions making it illegal in bc and alberta.”

can the police remove a car from private property?

cars cannot be removed from private property without the owner’s consent, even if it is parked there illegally.

the general rule for california's vehicle code is that an officer can remove a car from private property after they've given notice to the vehicle's driver or lessor. the one exception to this rule is cars that are blocking access to a fire hydrant or driveway. it should also be noted that if the owner of the listed address has not been notified about either of these infractions, then police cannot use their authority over those situations and will need another form of notice before moving them because there is no notice on record for either infraction.

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