How to get rid of weed smell in car

There are a number of homemade ways to clean weed from your car.

the first is to use air fresheners, such as glade plugin, febreeze vent clips or odoban odor eliminator spray with febreze – these can help mask the scent from within the vehicle even in a closed environment. the second option is a baking soda and peroxide paste that has proven itself in previous tests for eliminating lingering odors. a third option that some automakers have found effective in eliminating unwanted smells is installing an ozone generator into the cabin, which uses activated oxygen molecules to oxidize and remove any lingering odor particles from inside the vehicle's interior.

the last method for cleaning up your illegal substances

How do you get smoke odor out of car?

This is one of the more challenging odors to remove. however, you can reduce the smell by leaving strong vinegar open in your car for several days, or spraying heavily with an odor eliminator spray at least once a month. you can also purchase air fresheners that are available specifically for cars. the best bet is to avoid smoking in your car at all times.

Can you smoke weed in your car?

Some people don't like cannabis smoke and therefore may not like weed in the car. but, if you want to and it is legal to do so (there are a lot of states that now allow private smoking) then yes, you can smoke weed inside your own car. bear in mind that any breeze will most likely blow around that smell into something else with bad air quality, such as someone with asthma sitting at a stoplight next to your rolling window down. not all cars fumes smell good either, but if there are hundreds of other people who are cigarette smokers driving courteously on our roads then why should cannabis lovers be different? if marijuana is still illegal where you live then no! wait until it's legal

What is the best car odor eliminator?

the best car odor eliminator depends on the type of odor.

A viewer asked me how to remove tire rubber smell in a car? I replied, “the best way to clean that up is by using an ozone generator like the one my company sells. it puts out ozone gas which changes the chemistry of air so bad smells are eliminated.” However please read up on the dangers of the ozone, it should be done by a professional

Does Febreze mask the smell of weed?

no, it doesn't. Febreze does not mask the smell of weed, but some people believe it makes the smell less prevalent by “cleaning” or freshening one's sense of smell. there is some evidence that this might be possible because Febreze may introduce chemicals into the nose that act on olfactory neurons and can cause sinus problems (neurological) or respiratory problems (respiratory). while there is no evidence to support or refute this claim, if you are aware of potential side-effects then use at your own risk. also keep in mind that air conditioning can also “clean” the air by altering humidity levels. for more information about whether marijuana smells go away

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