How to get small dents out of car

Unfortunately there's no cookbook answer that will work every time, but the following are five of the most common ways that people recommend for dent removal.

1) use boiling water – boil this on high until bubble start to form around the edge of the pot. turn off heat and place an object you want to fix face-down directly onto surface of hot water. allow object to steam until it becomes malleable again before removing it from water and re-posing it against dent, then repeat as necessary or allow object to cool back into its original shape if trying is hopeless.
2) strike aluminum foil with striker – strive only for immediate visible results, not fixing damage entirely because more damage can be done with

can small dents be removed from cars?

a dent in a car's exterior will be removed by fixing the problem that caused it, not by manually manipulating it.

more information on this topic at wikipedia.com where you may read up on the removal of dents in cars, vans, trucks and buses.

how can i fix a small dent in my car?

tiny dents such as these can be fixed for the most part with a hairdryer; however, it is recommended you call an auto shop first to see if they will cover your costs.

it's important to first identify whether or not the dent is near a major component of car operation and could cause another motor failure. if so, take it in immediately and let them worry about minimizing damage.
with that out of the way, if time isn't pressing for you and you want to do it yourself, then place a damp cloth over the dented area and stick your mouth on side of the cloth as close as possible to where air should come out. now blow through one end until there is no longer any light

how do you get a small dent out of a car with hot water?

the hot water might not do much. the dent is likely either from an object or from when the metal was too cold to stay in place. in this instance, you could try putting the metal in a room-temperature environment for 24 hours and it should return to its original shape if it's a plastic dent. if that doesn't work, then you'll have to consider going through a professional mechanic.

how do you get dents out of cars?

one way to get dents out of cars is to buy a can of paint – one that matches the color on your car. however, if you are not willing or able to do this, then dent removal kits are available at your local car parts store and they work pretty well.
try both methods and see what works best for you. you might also try rubbing peanut butter or frozen berries on it and wait thirty minutes before wiping off the mess! the key with either method is keeping it moist by spraying water periodically as needed so never let them dry out. if that's too much work pour some fresh tuna over the dent and then wait two hours before removing with a hammer- just kidding about that one!


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