How to hotwire a car

One way to hotwire a car is to start by doing some research on the make and model. this will provide specific information about circuitry, grounding, etc., which can be helpful when designing an approach.
next, one should locate the cloth ground wire. this is typically connected to body panels- look for dented paint or corrosion near noticeable wiring harnesses. de-pinning this connection might break connections inside of the car; applying too much force could lead to accidental activation of various safety devices (airbags).
using either an inexpensive voltage tester or an automotive electrical tester (available at most hardware stores) scan for a circuit that lights up when a key is inserted into the ignition cylinder and turned from

how easy is it to hotwire a car?

there are a few different techniques, but in general it is not very easy.

the most common technique, done by following the wires in the engine compartment to locate the ignition key wire, can be quite easy if you have enough time and handyman skills. however, this method requires that you cut the ignition key wire which will prevent someone with similar vehicle knowledge from starting it later when you're gone. the second, more difficult technique for hotwiring an unaltered car involves jumping two terminals or “jumping” cables to cause sparks within the car's electrical system as power seeks a new path without interruptions—almost as if attempting to jump start a battery by reverse polarity connection. these methods involve cutting wiring and doing

is it bad to hotwire a car?

this is an unbelievably bad idea.

is it illegal to hotwire your own car?


if you are interested in actually hotwiring your vehicle, then feel free to contact me for assistance. i've never personally tried it myself, but i'm quite sure if someone attended a car theft seminar they could learn how this is done. that being said, it's typically illegal to do this even if the owner provides his or her own key(s), so don't let anyone convince you otherwise!

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can you really start a car with a screwdriver?

it really depends on the year, make and model of your car. however, this myth is pretty commonly debunked all around the internet so take it with a grain of salt! you could probably try but be sure to consult your owner's manual first– who knows what unpleasant surprises might lurk in trying to start an unfamiliar vehicle with an unconventional device! hope that helps!

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