How to install a hitch on a car

If you're not a skilled mechanic, a hitch installation on a car is a difficult and complicated process best left to the professionals. you may be better off hiring some help from an autoshop. if you insist on installing it yourself, make sure you have the tools and time before getting started. in some cases you will need expensive tools as well as safety equipment such as safety glasses and gloves if working with power tools. plus it is important that the proper rear exhaust system is in place before your instalment project begins!

how much does it cost to put a hitch on a car?

a class iii trailer hitch and installation normally costs around $240.00 for a sedan or hatchback, and about $300.00 for an suv or pickup truck.

temporary hitches called “hitch balls” can be purchased at many retailers such as superstore without installation (e.g., simply by screwing the ball onto the threaded end of a vehicle's tow hook), and lowes has even started stocking quick-attach class i and class iii hitch racks that bolts to the vehicle with bolts that can be installed within minutes (albeit leaving few customization options). installation fees vary depending on the type of car but it should never exceed more than $50 if labor is provided from a professional installer who doesn't have

how do you install a hitch on your car?

the first step is to review your vehicle's trailer hitch installation guide. the easiest way to find the installation instructions is to visit the manufacturers website and use their search engine of walk through. once you have arrived at your vehicle manufacturer's page, type “trailer hitch installation” into the search bar and select from there.

then, modify your car as instructed by your car manufacturer or follow these general guidelines:
-assemble all tools and parts before starting, including a socket adapter with ratchet extension
-if you purchased a ball mount for round tube frame models, purchase a 2 ½” diameter shank
-use jackstands to stabilize the frame before installing any components – this will

can a hitch be put on any car?


most hitches are designed for some type of connection with trucks, cars, or vans. mine is a hitch style called “swing-away”. that means, when not in use it swing away from the vehicle so that there isn't any modification to the back of the car. the two different types are an “hitch” and a “ball hitch.” the ball hitch swings down so that it can still be used even though there is something else behind the bumper. one more type there is a receiver which requires either welding on brackets or drilling into your vehicle. i have seen hitches put on school buses but not regular busses because they don't have any room in the front bumper area to accommodate it along with

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