How to install a new car battery

You can find step-by-step instructions to install a new car battery on our website. here are the steps in short:
remove the dead battery according to your vehicle's specifications
clean off any corrosion on both surfaces of the terminals
take care with positive and negative polarities before connecting
double check all connections for correct placement before inserting into vehicle make sure that alternator is fully charging (this may take up to 10 minutes) by turning engine on, off, then back on again for two minutes per cycle; use dashboard light tester to ensure 13 volts across terminals. stop if voltage falls below 12 volts. when voltage has been restored, detach clamps from battery and dispose of properly! please

is it easy to install a new car battery?

in most cases, installing a new car battery is not difficult. there are just a couple steps to follow in order to get the job done well. you'll need a few tools and maybe even an extra set of hands if you have them available.
first, visually check the terminals on top of your current battery for corrosion, clean off any that's there with a wire brush and sandpaper or a dry cloth. clean the two terminals on your battery cables with sandpaper or metal wool; then use 2-3 inches (5-7½ cm) of clear wrap such as duct tape to cover it up before attaching it to the post on your old battery. next place the negative (black) terminal clamp over one side first then

when installing a car battery which terminal do you connect first?

connect the positive terminal to the car battery first, followed by the negative.

it's important to connect the car battery in this order because if you invert it, your engine would explode or catch on fire.

how do i put a new battery in my car?

here are useful instruction with pictures here.

please note that there may be key steps you need to take before you can replace the battery. these include making sure your hood is closed all the way, locking the car with your key fob, disconnecting any remaining wires from clips, and protecting your eyesight by using safety glasses. make sure to do these steps in order so you don't accidentally break anything!
let's start by removing all of the old spark plugs if possible or disconnecting them so they don't come with the engine when it starts. otherwise, be careful not to crush them underneath then engine if they stay connected. it's important not to trap more than one spark plug wire under an individual bolt holding

can i replace car battery myself?

locating the battery in a car is very simple. automobile batteries are found in the engine bay, typically on one of the legs near the firewall. it's recommended that you wear protective eyewear when changing a car battery to eliminate any unwanted splashing or dust in your eyes. once you've located and removed any necessary wiring connections, you can remove the old battery from its holding place at this point, though before doing so it's recommended that if possible, for safety reasons and/or transparency of service, you get an assistant to help hold down your vehicle while it's up on jacks or rear wheels. after removing all connections and ensuring no sparks will occur by cleaning off all metal with a degreaser such

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