How to install led lights in car

Here's an excellent tutorial on how to install led lights in your car. it will take you through step by step including definitions.

to remove the headlight housing assembly, disconnect the wiring harness connector by rotating it counterclockwise, then unscrew two torx 50mm bolts that secure the lamp assembly; then pull down on each side of the headlight cover and twist it forward, followed with removal of harness harness (located at bottom), wire clips (on top) and eventually headlight bulb directly below mounting holes. at this point, all attachments should be loose enough for easy removal. now take out old bulb; center new led light unit in mounting bracket; position red bands to top-most part of wire

how do i install led lights in my car?

an led light install can seem daunting at first sight, but the question really always comes down to not how difficult it is to remove and replace a stock headlight (i.e. you get one time), but rather the complexity of installing the lights for good quality, correct alignment and maximum function. there are two main installation types aftermarket headlights: single filament bulbs and bi-xenon hid systems with angel eyes in some cases though in both types there are variations in

can you put led lights in your car?

yes, with some caveats.

led lights are great in most applications for cars, with the exception of brake lights. led brake lights only work if your car is coming to a stop and needs to signal with bright headlights or taillights touching its brakes. if you're not doing that then it's very dangerous not to have separate brake light bulbs, since most led rail guards will just stay on when your brakes are pressed firmly enough to turn them off! so again, if you're using leds in any other area but this one area, go ahead and use them all over.

is it hard to install led lights under your car?

the biggest challenge when it comes to replacing your headlamps or taillights is the actual installation. if you're not properly equipped with the right tools, know what you're doing, and are prepared to spend some time on the project, then it may seem overwhelming before you even start! but in reality, if done right it can be a very simple process.
tools needed: phillips screwdriver (ideally one that's longer than ours), wiring connector (commonly known as butt connectors), electrical tape (optional).
when installing led lights under a braking light for example, first remove the lens from your old incandescent light by unscrewing or popping out of place. then use a ph

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