How to keep cats off your car

The best way to protect your car from cat damage is to keep the windows closed while parked outside. this leaves open some options for large, outdoor cats that can jump through screens, however all they need do is claw or scratch panels of dirt on the side of your car. if it's important that you have an option to leave windows open while not in use then consider installing a vertical screen with insect screening, an 18-inch high protector which encircles the perimeter of your vehicle and wards off unwanted visitors.

if you are looking for something more temporary or cost effective so get message boards or expandable foam sealant at any hardware store) are worth considering if only one window will be left open. and finally,

how do i stop my cat from jumping on my car?

depending on the level of the damage, you may need a car detailer to remove it.

if your car is in good condition and only has a few scratched paws prints from your cat, then all you have to do is paint over it with an acrylic based primer ($35) and apply one coat of enamel ($40). it'll last about two years before needing another new coat so go easy!
as long as the cats don't scratch or claw at them there's not much harm done. cats will often get lazy after they've fouled an area and move on to find their next victim, but there's no guarantee they're going away permanently. it's best just to wash areas of paint that were attacked by

what is the most effective cat repellent?

the most effective cat repellent may be a variation of the pepper plant, which naturally releases something the smell of which cats find unpleasant. a home remedy involving a combination of fresh-cut crushed onions and black pepper can also help. cats dislike both these smells because they deprive them of oxygen through irritation to their scent receptors.

other suggestions may include filling a spray bottle with water mixed with vinegar or ammonia, applying fake animal feces from an online pet supply store on sticks around the area you're trying to protect from entering cats, or purchasing any type of commercial cat repellant product that is safe for use in your living space.
flowerbed costuming might provide some protection as well, by providing lush foliage inaccessible

will moth balls keep cats away?

no. although it might deter them for a day or so, moth balls are not considered to be an effective cat repellent because cats are more attracted to the scent than it is unpleasant for them. additionally, while some cats may steer clear of sour smells due to their sensitive snouts, most would just find the moth ball smell offensive if they approached closely enough – which is why you should also remove any remains that can be found outside of your home after spraying these. moth balls should only be used in conjunction with other types of sprays and powders around doors and windowsills; these can act as double agents by both keeping out pests like moths while also creating a foul-smelling zone where cats will instinctively

how do you keep cats off your property?

a good cat deterrent is a great way to keep cats from coming onto your property. even if you don't intend to harm them, cats can be difficult guests and pesky intruders that will leave their unwanted scent everywhere.
possible options for a cat deterrent include ultrasonic noise emitters, motion activated sprinklers, another person running outside with a hose every time a cat comes near the door, small lights outside that turn off when they're switched on inside (to confuse trespassers), devices that release ammonia gas in high concentrations when tripped over by an animal or person (cat urine has an effect similar to ammonia)–essentially anything that captures the attention of the feline without hurting it.
what's important is to install something

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