How to make an automobile in minecraft

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how do i make a car in minecraft?

first of all, download one of the many different tutorials that are available. you can also find instruction on minecraft's wiki page . the first step is to think about the general shape you want your car to look like. to make mine i used square shapes for my wheels and the main body on the bottom layer. on the second layer, i put on blocks with gaps on 4 sides for headlights and a window on two sides. next time round, instead of putting another square block in for a bumper, use trapezoid shaped pieces so it looks more realistic! finally save your project as an image with .png extension (don't forget!). use this image as the icon when saving the world. another thing you might

how do you make a sports car in minecraft?

it's not possible for you to make a sports car in minecraft.

i'm sorry to say that while you can build cars in minecraft, they're not of the super sleek sports car variety. this is because the game only focuses on pixelated versions of existing vehicles–you'll need software like google sketchup or blender if you want something more high-tech looking.

how do you make a big car in minecraft?

to make a large car in minecraft's space, you need to draw out the shape on the ground. put blocks around it two block high. add another layer of blocks that are three blocks high. you can then put some on top of that too if you want for extra strength (just keep in mind that there might be problems later with rendering part of the car on your end). car doors are typically on one side, so factor this into your design where necessary before you start adding onto it with any other pieces or buildings onto the sides of it.
especially when it coincides with having wide enough doors for players to use.

you will also need an engine and space for passengers within this structure somewhere too so

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