How to make car freshies

My personal favorite recipe for homemade car freshies is as follows:
-get a big bowl and mix one cup of vinegar and two cups of water.
-scoop up about 12 ice cubes and drop them into the mixture and then let it sit for about 10 minutes.
-take a squirt bottle, fill with the mixture, suck out air, and put on the top. set aside to use again.
-start your engine (in winter) or go outside (in summer) to where you’d like your car to stay cool (like in the shade), turn off your air conditioning system, put your window down halfway but not all the way – none of us want bugs

how do you make car freshies?

i haven't found a fast and easy way to make car freshies, although cipla in their in-car user guide suggest spraying the in-car vents with “quick shine,” which is supposed to clean out the air conditioning filters. spraying those vents might or might not help, but either way it would probably be worth removing those old air conditioning filters if you haven't already.

cleaning the a/c filter removes some of the pollutants from inside your vehicle as well as providing better protection for your engine due to cleaner airflow circulating throughout the engine compartment; we recommend doing this service before or at service intervals (every 15k miles or 12 months). dirt and debris on these filters keep them from maximizing their

how do you make aroma car fresheners?

you need a container that absorbs moisture easily and has a lid to seal it. pour in some baking soda and spices such as orange, lemon, or grapefruit peelings, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans/extracts, cloves and cardamom pods. spray them with water for an hour or so until they smell like the desired smell before putting inside your car.

what is needed to make freshies?

freshies is a snack food product made from dried fruit and can be eaten whole or used in recipes. it was originally created by oscar and norma otto, the founders of the fresh apricots production company in 1934, who wanted to supplement their farm income with a line of “all natural snacks”.

many people may say that there's nothing needed to make freshies other than cut up fresh fruit such as apricots. this is not the case. although anything will technically work, it needs ingredients like sugar or honey to temper the drying process and give their produce flavor. droplets of concentrate are also sometimes added for extra flavor; this often includes at least five plant origins including grapes and orange juice among others.

what beads do you use for car freshies?

answers this come in a variety of colors and sizes. the most potent type is the freshies original, which advertise itself as having 10 long tails with 1,000 strands per tail for 20,000 absorbable strands total.
they also offer the little bundle option with 100 long tails and said to be twice as strong (5 drops) and they also offer the big bundle option with 200 long tails that is four times as strong (2 drops). there are other types but those depend on your preference. you might prefer something smaller like their pearls or large like their xl bizarre sportballs

1) 10 original tails = 2000 strands
2) 100 llb = 20 drops

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