How to paint your car

How to paint your car with an air brush
– airbrush paint in two colors, one light and one very dark. you need this for making darker colors. black is still acceptable if you can't get the lighter shades of grey or blue (in which case you'll need three colors to make all natural tones) but it's much easier to use two shades. the lighter shade should be around #fffffa; the dark tones should be something like #2a2328 or even black (#000000).
– if you're using only black, that means that side of your car needs to remain unpainted because taking away light makes it impossible for humans see depth perception–driving would become difficult and hazardous at best. if

can i paint my car myself?

it depends on how handy you are.

whether or not you can paint your car yourself depends on a few factors. a lot of people think they're going to be able to just pull off an entire job that looks pro with their freshy “self-charged” paint supplies, only to come away looking like the proud parents of an ugly baby made up of lots and lots of mistakes. heck, i've seen grown men quickly regret painting their garage for this very reason! so–yes, it's possible for some people who are skilled in all sorts of other areas maybe pro at diy stuff but not so much with power tools–but you need to know what you're doing before even attempting something intense like this if your #

how much does it cost to paint your own car?

depend on the car, but it costs an average of $450 for a small sedan

this answer depends on lots of factors. if you're painting your own car, it can cost as little as $250 (include paint). however, if not done correctly and carefully the paint job will chip off quickly, so this figure may be over-estimated. hiring someone to do your paint job for you typically falls around $500-$1,000 depending on the size of vehicle and complexity of color scheme.

every vehicle is different too – some cars feature more curves than others or there may be more areas that need to be painted due to rust or accident damage. still interested? the easiest way to find out how much

is it cheaper to paint your own car?

painting your own car is indeed cheaper than hiring a professional to do it for you, but this comes with the caveats of having to spend time perusing paint swatches and mixing paints in order to get the desired color.
long answer:

paint is quite expensive, and every gallon will cover an average automobile four times (will run about $150-$200 at home depot). professional painters can charge upwards of $800 depending on how many coats they apply and if the customer wants specialty finishes. diyers should allow for enough room in their budget before seeking out their auto paint with everything that entails — paint, primer, sandpaper in various grits, wax in order to help seal and give a nice sheen when

how do you paint a car step by step?

-clean and wash car to remove loose dirt and dust
-apply a coat of primer paint or undercoat
-“stand back -” remove masking tape, stickers, etc., before spraying the final coat on the body. do not paint over them!
-leave upholstery until last (touch it up after painting)
-tape off windows and other bits before painting; but be sure that you can get inside to clean them afterwards. you don't want to leave residues from tape or anything else on your windows – use clear plastic packing tape for small jobs like this. when you peel any remnants away, go slowly and gently with it so you won't crack the window's glass

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