How to pay for car repairs with no money

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before making a car repair, search the look up to find the type of repair and shopping savvy auto savvy pros in your area who can fix it for you. there are many reputable shops listed with both knowledge about what is needed for your specific vehicle and also at various price points depending on how much money you have available to spend.
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what to do when you cant afford a car repair?

1) save up. the most practical solution for this problem is to save money until you have enough to pay for a car repair.
2) take it in asap. the next best solution would be take the car into the mechanic as soon as possible, if that's what it needs then just do it! you can't afford not to.
3) sell your current one and buy a new one if you're struggling with monthly payments, or trade-up options are limited where you live (things like cashback incentives, leasing programs). if this is not an option either – find something else to declutter from your life instead of spending time on the phone haggling over repossessions so at

can i use affirm to pay for car repairs?

yes. the goodwill of the company on the other end is usually worth it.

a service can be paid for with affirm, but usually not an item that's being shipped to your house or picked up at a retail store. if you happen to be in need of repair for your car, then by all means! and since most businesses are happy to get their money in any way they can, there should really be no apprehension on using this service either. remember though– never expect someone else to take responsibility for something if it is not clear what you want them to do (in this case make sure the app is clear about what type of repairs).
with that said, paying someone in affirm might create confusion with regards to who

what happens if you dont have enough money to pay the mechanic?

we recommend that you contact your mechanic and work out a plan for obtaining the funds.

the best way to fix the problem is to come up with a plan for getting money together, such as an installment agreement. for example, if $5 is needed each month and it's not really “meteoric” or “swift,” then borrow it from another source like:
-a relative: ask them for help;
-paypal: borrow from friends and family on paypal;
-bank loan; -lendsmart;
the other alternative may be borrowing from a payday lender or trying for a home equity line of credit. the last resort would be bankruptcy protection. we do not recommend

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