How to play music from phone to car

There are a variety of methods. one option is to plug in and use an adaptor and aux cable to play music from your phone into your car's sound system. you can also get bluetooth speakers that pair with your phone and allow the songs on the internet to be played through them, but keep in mind that you will need a high quality set for this (and they're usually pretty expensive). some cars nowadays come equipped with all features you'll need like bluetooth connectability, direct tape or controllable activation stations, etc., so it's worth asking if these features exist before wasting money on something else.

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how do i play music on my phone through my car?

the easiest way to connect to your car's stereo system is by using a 3.5mm aux cable, but process can vary depending on the type of phone you have.
for iphone 4/4s/5, xs max 8+, xr 6+:, find out which port your device uses for its earphones by looking at the bottom of the phone. if it's an apple product use lightning connector or second generation, use headphone jack port under headphones tab. for android devices with usb-c charging ports only use the headphone jack port under headphones tab

1) plug one end of aux cord into your cars aux input 2) plug other end into standard head phones output in aux filed

how can i play music from my phone in my car without aux?

a) if you have a cd player in your car, purchase a cassette adapter from walmart or target, and then play the music on your phone using the cassette adapters.
b) alternatively, if you're using an iphone, you can connect to your car's bluetooth without ever turning off the sound on your phone. then all you have to do is turn off the voice control while driving so it doesn't interfere with autopilot. click “settings,” click “general,” click “accessibility,” find “voice control” and toggle “control voice” off while driving

neither scenario hurts if want people to hear what's playing through their speakers! subscribe on youtube for videos on how to get this done with only

can you play music through bluetooth in car?

yes. when you get in your car and push the “bluetooth” button, it should say “ready to pair with bluetooth device.” just choose your phone and press send.

you also might want to take a moment to turn down the volume of your music while still connected via bluetooth because listening at high volumes has been shown to create nerve cell damage in both rodents and humans. but, if you don't mind risking these negative consequences (which would contribute to aging) then by all means keep playing.

how can i play music from my iphone in my car without aux or bluetooth?

there are a few ways to play music from your iphone in the car:
1. buy a cassette to 3.5mm adapter and plug it into the auxillary port on your radio
2. buy an fm transmitter that plugs into your lighter or 12 volt port
3. use the auxillary input on the back of your stereo system to plug in an ipod
4. purchase a bluetooth enabled digital media receiver for connecting wireless devices such as ios devices, tablets, laptops and so forth
5. buy bluetooth headphones with a cord or cordless phone headset which will also function as headphones and accept calls while you're driving
6. buy an iphone dock player with speakers which has predetermined stations for specific radio stations based

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