How to play music in car without aux

Have you ever heard of a cassette adapter? they're really cheap and easy to use.

if you want to play mp3 files, then a line-in feature would be necessary. you can purchase auxiliary inputs that will let you plug in the audio jack from your smartphone if available. if not, there are plenty of fm transmitter units on the market that allow for charging during music playback while allowing for transmission wirelessly to car's stereo system. make sure it is compatible with your make/model before purchasing one though!

how can i play music in my car without an aux?

many radio stations still transmit audio via am to car radios, and by picking up that audio signal and playing it through a small transistor radio in the car, any sound transmitted (including music) can be played in your vehicle. this trick worked when i was a child in the 70s-i would always have an am/fm transistor radio with me for this very purpose.

in 2001, the federal communications commission allowed fm signals to be used for data transmission purposes meaning that programming content could also be sent over fm frequencies. in 2005 federal legislation passed requiring all television broadcasts to have closed captions on them so people with hearing impairments could understand what was being said visually on their screens. it wasn't until 2008 that digital hdtv

how can i connect my phone to my car radio without aux?

connecting your phone to a car radio with aux is basically straightforward.

first, use a usb cable to connect the phone to the stereo in your vehicle. next, turn on bluetooth mode on your phone and then select “aux” in the settings of the audio app that you're using for playing music. finally, once you've connected successfully all of your song options should be available on the car stereo screen without needing an aux cord connecting anything recently or directly together recently or immediately. enjoy!

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1) plug in a usb cable from device a (phone) into device b (car).
2) turn bluetooth connectivity on within device a and then open

can you play music in your car through the cigarette lighter?

you can, but the sound quality will not be as good as it would be through your stereo.

fm transmitters can provide an easy way to play music from a phone or mp3 player in your car, and they work by plugging into the cigarette lighter and broadcasting an fm frequency very similar to stereo stations like 98.1 (though without all of the commercials). if you want to go with a wired solution though, make sure that whichever cables you use are wired up correctly; using too much current may damage your vehicle's electronics and any devices plugged in. check forums for more info on what kind of wires to buy if this is something that interests you.

what can i use if my car doesn't have an aux?

quara offers a convenient mp3 recorder that attaches to your dashboard so you can record audio from your device

if you're going on a road trip, or just want to listen to an awesome playlist while driving around town, try quara's portable bluetooth fm car speaker unit. it hooks up wirelessly to any nearby bluetooth-enabled device and plugs into the power outlet in your car for uninterrupted streaming. now you'll always have a perfect soundtrack for all of your trips!
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