How to put freon in your car

You want to choose the safest possible refrigerant that is compatible with your cooling system. you will need a professional hvac technician to come out and complete this for you. the technician will use an expansion valve to regulate the amount of refrigerant in your system, but adding too much can cause negative pressure which creates damage so you need to keep an eye on them while they work. once everything has been inspected, all connections inspected, and repaired if needed, they'll start recharging the system by adding the gas. the gases are pressurized up to 220psi at its high point, so it's important for you not be present when things are being recharged because it can injure or kill someone who touches it before it

can you put freon in your car yourself?

i would strongly recommend hiring a trained professional for this rather important task. however, if you do decide to try, you'll need a gp 12 vapor recovery adapter and the right type of canister sealant as well as some safety goggles and gloves. you will also want to make sure that the temperature is below -10 degrees celsius or it won't work. finally you must remove all trace of any existing r134 refrigerant from the system before putting in new refrigerant – this includes releasing after-pressure in system with service valve left open at least 10 minutes afterwards; replacement of service valve o-rings; release safety pin on freon container; connect hose to intake manifold nipple (usually blue). then put hose end into inhal

does autozone add freon to cars?

hypothetically, yes.

as a national retailer of automotive parts and accessories, there is always the possibility that we do add freon to cars. however, we were unable to find any information on our company's website indicating whether or not we participate in this practice and will contact you if we learn more. for your convenience please provide your name and phone number so someone from our customer service team at 1-800-722-4722 can get in touch with you over the phone. thank you for contacting autozone!

how do i add freon to my car ac?

there is a freon bottle on outside of car which can be reached through the dashboard. the freon bottle has a vent at the top with a plastic cap that sticks into this vent to tighten by hand. remove cap and pour in new, uncapped freon under pressure from new bottle until it begins coming out of the vents on either side of inside of car, then close with cap and wait for 20 minutes. remember to ensure cars air-conditioning button is on before pouring.

how much does it cost to put freon in your car?

first, you need to get a quote from your local service center. but it's likely anywhere from $45-$95 for most cars. that's the upfront cost, depending on what kind of car you own and where you live in the country. the installment fees that come with your monthly car payments will fluctuate according to how often and by how much they charge to add new freon gas over time – really just depends on the dealer however an educated guess would be around $100-$125 per year which is about $10-$15 per month on average so the price ranges somewhere between $260 and $330 over 10-12 years or so depending along at what point they start charging more than regular maintenance fees if so even

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