How to put newborn in car seat

It's easiest if you put the straps across your chest first, then lift up the car seat and slip it over the car seat handle (leaving the handle outside of the seat), tuck one side of each strap under your arm, find which hip strap is closest to you and snap one end under their belt. then give that person a few extra inches of slack on that side to pass across their body and snap it for an easier attachment.

the safest place for infants in cars is rear-facing unless they are taller than 1″3′ or weigh more than 20 lbs.
2) lower straps onto child's shoulders
3) remove any basket or other objects from infant carrier
5) flip head restraint

how should a newborn be in a car seat?

babies should be in rear-facing car seats to the maximum weight and height limits outlined by the seat manufacturer. once a child outgrows a forward-facing seat, they should graduate to a booster seat to their allowable weight and height limit. keep straps tight at all times for your baby's protection. if unsure on how to install your child's seat correctly, consult with their doctor or an automotive expert.
manufacturer instructions
nearly every car seat will come with instructions that may vary slightly from person to person or model to model based on features of the restraint system such as different installation angles/colors of harnesses/hardware. check closely for specific instructions from your carseat company which you can remember later if

where do you put the car seat for a newborn?

the carseat goes in the back of the car or, if you have a separate infant passenger seat, it should go there. babies are safest sitting rear-facing for as long as possible so they don't upset their head and cause injuries.

can you put a newborn baby in a car seat?

it's not recommended to put a newborn baby in a car seat. they should be positioned on their back or stomach and placed rear-facing until they are 1 year old. it's recommend that you make sure the car seat is set at the lowest height allowed, and use the locking clip if provided with your particular model.

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