How to register a car in pa

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what is needed to register a car in pennsylvania?

pennsylvania law states that in order to register a car, one needs to provide the following information for their certificate of title:
– name of lien holder
-vehicle identification number

can i register my car online in pennsylvania?


i bought my new subaru crosstrek with eyes wide open, knowing that pennsylvania would soon require all new car buyers to have dealership inspections before titling their vehicle according to section 1713 of the pa vehicle code. this is where i ran into my first difficulty when it came time to register the car online in pa.
the inspection is good for 30 days from its issue date, so before you can register your vehicle, you have to wait until 3-5 business days have passed. when you go in for your inspection at a dealership or agent location in pa, they will measure and list on the certificate of compliance these values: odometer reading, body exception code 0-3 (no problems found),

how much does it cost to register car in pa?

registration fees vary based on the type of vehicle you are registering.
a passenger car will typically cost between $63 and $67 to register annually, while a motorcycle or small truck might cost around $34. they can be found on this website: http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/pub…
to register your vehicle in pa you must go to your local dmv office with proof of ownership (title). you cannot do so online or over the phone! forms for registration may also be downloaded here http://www.dmv.state.pa…. information on different forms of identification is provided here http://www1a5-images2uploade…

how much does it cost to transfer and register a car in pennsylvania?

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