How to remove car battery

This is a bad idea. a car battery will explode when airborne, and the acid released from an airborne car battery can easily reach your eyes, mouth, and respiratory tract; it could enter your bloodstream and damage your heart, kidneys or bones; it could burn the skin on contact. put on goggles to protect your eyes before you handle a car battery. clean up any spilled chemicals promptly with tissue, paper towels or rags that are appropriate for use in an automotive service area (such as disposable non-woven polishing cloths). rinse off the material with water and remove all debris to prevent fires or unwanted reactions that might injure you further. thoroughly dry afterwards so there's no evidence of anything spilled in case

which battery terminal do you take off first?

the negative side.

the terminal with the plus symbol (+), which is also called the “positive” terminal, connects to the positive post of your vehicle’s battery, while the terminal with a minus symbol (-), or “negative,” connects to your car’s chassis ground. to prevent starting a fire in cold weather — which could cause gases in poorly treated lead acid batteries to explode — you should take off whichever side has its nut on that post furthest away from yourself. so if you're wearing gloves, for example, it would be easiest to follow this rule if you remove the negative terminal first because “plus” is on top when reading right-to-left and bottom-to-top. you'll

how do you safely remove a car battery?

to safely remove a car battery, you should use safety glasses and gloves and turn the engine off. next remove the negative cable terminal lead from the battery with a wrench and use an insulated copper wire to touch the terminal grounding point on the engine block or frame. turn your attention back to your task at hand by removing one of your hands from safety glasses, gloves, and wrench in order to disconnect positive cable terminal lead from battery with wrench. make sure that both terminals are totally disconnected before grasping any part of container that is holding electrolyte solution since it may permanently corode/destroy tissue. lift out container using attached handle for easy carrying then place loaded container in an open space and spill no more than 1 quart of water onto outside of container

what happens if you disconnect the positive terminal first?

some people believe that when disconnecting the positive terminal, you should also disconnect the negative because it’s “easier this way.”

this is not necessary and could even be dangerous – especially for an ac charger or jumper where contacts are exposed to the environment. disconnecting one of these using a “touchless” method can lead to contact with exposed contacts from both wires. this will result in electrical shock as well as sparks which then pose a fire hazard if shorted together. you should always use caution when doing these tasks but never worry about what order you make connections on something like a car battery. the only thing this affects is how quickly it will charge your car battery wirelessly – if you need

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