How to remove gps tracker from car

There are two ways to physically remove a gps tracking device; one is to make it appear as though the tracker was never there in the first place, and the other is to actually take the device off of the car.

if you don't want your car's tracker seen, try to rub down paint where it would be visible – around antennas that stuck out prominently or on any metal antenna. this will then allow it to blend into its surroundings more effectively than if it does not have this painted ‘camouflage'. next time someone opens up your hood they won't see wires poking out at them for what looks like an easy removal. to break down further how you can “disguise” this, let's say someone has

how do i remove a gps tracker from my car?

the only way to remove a gps tracker from your car is using some sort of professional equipment.
again, the best thing you can do in this situation is to take your car in for service and use a mechanic's expertise when it comes to revealing and removing any and all trackers. this should be done by an automotive mechanic with experience in this type of work. best case scenario, they will find it before you've been tracking for very long at all; worst-case scenario would involve continuing with the vehicle until something goes wrong or breaks down due to tampering (which might not happen). nobody knows what may be happening when you're away from your vehicle, but i can guarantee that nobody wants to know either…

what happens if you remove gps tracker on your car?

if you remove the gps tracker from your car, it is likely that the person who owns the vehicle will notice it's gone. most people know where they left their car, if they are stealing a gps tracker, they would typically wait until no one is looking to place it in or on their vehicle.

the type of gps tracking owned by most individuals is relatively easy to detect and costly for someone else to steal. cell phone carrier trackers are often much easier for people to find when they want them back, because cell carriers have records of device serial numbers among other identifying information about it's owner. it can cost upwards of thousands of dollars for an individual with insider knowledge about these systems to provide false information in order to have a

is it illegal to remove gps tracker from a financed car?

in california, no. in the other 49 states, it's up to your state laws or you can contact a lawyer for advice.

removing a gps device from a car that has been financed is not considered theft in california because the owner of the vehicle – regardless if it's leased or financed – is the one who gave permission to install it which makes it legal for them to remove as well. however, this doesn't mean that those from other states are given similar allowances as they would have different laws and criminal codes governing such indiscretions. in order to find out whether there are laws against doing so where you live, ask a lawyer specific questions about your situation and be aware of what risks you're considering going

where is a gps tracking device installed on a car?

gps tracking devices on a car can be installed in various places.

the underside of a chassis near the engine is a good place for this, as it may not be visible from under the vehicle and can provide some level of protection from weather extremes. a gps tracker on the outside of the vehicle, close to where it locks might be visible and susceptible to vandalism or theft. so you've got two options: install your gps device as far as possible from the area where people will notice (underneath) or install it somewhere easy to see (the door handle), but make sure that part of install process has another layer like tamper-resistance adhesive, strong double-sided tape, at minimum immobilizer plate with no access

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