How to remove smoke smell from car

How to remove smoke smell from car:
‐slowly open all of the car doors and windows.  ‐gather and shake out as much ash and debris as you can from these areas by hand, with a vacuum cleaner, or with a soft brush. clean the seats and floor with a damp cloth. vacuum carpets, upholstery, mats, dash board, etc. using low suction setting on dryer type vacuum cleaner if possible-especially around edges where particles tend to accumulate.
‐make sure you don’t clean inside trunk of your vehicle until after cleaning is completed elsewhere in vehicle where dust or loose particles may contaminate new interior surfaces being cleaned.(note:

is it possible to remove smoke smell from car?

attempt to remove the smell of smoke from a car with these 3 steps:

2) vacuum clean and dust (get rid of as much loose dirt and debris as possible).
3) shake out your floor mats/ upholstery. spray any remaining surfaces with an odor remover such as febreeze or lysol to make sure all particles are killed. finally, take the car for a ride around town- this should help air it out substantially. with enough time, sunlight will also naturally break down these molecules and make the car smell like fresh air again.
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getting rid of smoke smell in car

what do car dealers use to get rid of smoke smell?

car dealers often use a chemical to remove smoke smell from the car. government regulations require that you disclose any pre-existing damage, but many dealers still say the car is smoky from cigarettes when they're really removing the evidence of smoking and chemicals used to cover up tobacco smells so it appears as though there is no other problem with the vehicle.

typically these chemicals come in an aerosol spray and must be applied liberally throughout all surfaces near where you think the bad smell might originate. before using these products we recommend testing them on your hand first as some people may have reactions such as rashes or dry skin due to ingredients such as formaldehyde, ammonia, etc., which can be found in various household cleaners for example. also

what kills the smell of smoke?

there are a few different ways to get rid of the smell of smoke in a room. one way is to open windows and air out the room for an extended period of time; up to 24 hours. another would be simply turning on a fan, such as in your ceiling fan, for 10 minutes. the last one would be using lysol disinfectant wipes or hand soap with an antibacterial agent in it (i.e., clorox hand wipes). simply wipe down the surfaces where you think smells could linger and cover up any lingering food odors with baking soda in bowls below cabinets and behind your refrigerator.”

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what is the best cigarette smoke odor eliminator?

there are plenty of cigarette smoke odor eliminators on the market. carpet cleaners, air purifiers, and vacuum cleaners are the most economical solutions. if you have allergies or respiratory problems, these might not be your best option. luckily there are other options that use enzymes instead of chemicals to get rid of odors which is why naturefresh carpet cleaning & odor protection offers nature-derived enzyme solution for getting rid of tough odors!

(what's an example?)

naturefresh kills over 99% germs while also removing harmful bacteria like ecoli and salmonella by using natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals made up from petroleum oils which would leave behind toxic byproducts like benzene. a word about

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