How to remove water spots from car

the water spots are most likely calcium deposits left by hard water. the best way to remove them is to polish the car, with either wet or dry buffing, before drying it. there are also several commercial products on the market intended for this purpose. if there is any wax or film of paint left on your car's surface after washing and polishing, this will make it easier to get the spots off; but if you wash an exterior surface (like a brick wall) which has plenty of uneven places for hard water droplets to collect in — like around creeks where leaves collect — then be sure that you wipe down each area before sealing in areas that seem clean with polish/wax/salt solution

how do i get hard water spots off my car?

the best and most effective way to remove water spots is to buy or borrow a drill fitted with a wet-dry diamond tip. the drill will catch the dirt particles and bring them up to the surface where they can be removed more easily. it's also important not to use any abrasive object on your car as it will scratch away paint layers. if there are no drills around, you might try using an old toothbrush instead of cloths or paper towel as these items damage surfaces over time.

do water spots on cars go away?

watch the video below to learn how to prevent water spots on cars.


there are several remedies for removing stains from car finishes, but most of them are ineffective at preventing this problem in the future. you can use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, for instance, following by a coat of high-quality wax finish remover will remove any remaining residue and make your job easier next time it rains hard… but remember that you should always clean using hot water since the solvent's less likely to damage or etch paint with fast drying times.

what is the best water spot remover for cars?

there are actually three steps to removing water spots from a car.

wipe down the outside of the car with a rag that has been soaked in a dedicated glass cleaner solution. do not use windex as this will cause more condensation on the windows which will result in more water spots! you may now dry off your car with another clean, fresh cloth.* rinse and remove any excess masking fluid with an old rag or towel. apply scouring pads (or dedicated product such as turtle wax) to scrub away the remaining masking fluid that is left over after rinsing and wiping down windows.* it's important to note that acrylic sealant/wax is applied after you successfully remove all marks left over from cleaning

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