How to rent a car under 25

I realize you’re under 25, but it seems like rental agencies tend to overlook this. if you live relatively close to the place where the car will be rented and have a local driver’s license or state id card then that should go a long way towards getting them to rent it.

it's likely because there's not much value for an agency in renting vehicles if they know the vehicle is going to be returned without use (because someone couldn't make their reservation). i'd caution against borrowing anyone else's drivers' licenses for this though as such activities are illegal and fraudulent. it sounds like your best bet would actually lie in creating your own legal documents about how old you are through an identity theft service offered by

which car rental company allows under 25?

what city are you living in now?

i'm not sure which car rental company offers under 25 insurance but i know that hertz and enterprise do. if you make at least two qualifying rentals per year, we'll insure your car if it's rented from one of these locations: oklahoma city; concord, ca; jacksonville, fl; new orleans; coral gables; kansas city; putnam valley, ny. all other states require a 25-year-old age minimum.

how can i rent a car if im under 25?

i'm sorry, the minimum age to rent a car is 25.

you can also search for an affordable used car and drive it while keeping your eyes on the market. if you're lucky, you might get lucky and find one that fits your price and meets your standards.
logic: renting cars can be expensive but buying one would eventually save money, so if you have more time on your side than cash go ahead and buy one! buying a new car is not advised unless you know exactly what type of car you want because otherwise it will take weeks or months to find the right vehicle for less than $10,000 max. if on the other hand 10 years ago this was all hypothetical because cars were too expensive

which rental car company does not charge for under 25?

your best bet is looking for an 18-25 employee discount. this likely will give you a better deal than any other company at the same time.

it depends on the company and location. for instance, avis has a “youth rate” of $14/day or $128/week plus an additional $4 per day if their age between 25-29 years old. hertz has discounts for those aged 19 and younger; it's 10% off their standard rates for those who are under 16 years old as well as members of the military (including spouses). there might be some charges either way but it all depends on who you're renting from and where they're located! the key to finding out which rental companies

can 25 year olds rent a car?

yes, 25 year olds can rent a car.

the minimum driving age in north america is 16 years old, but there are no additional age restrictions on licensing eligibility if the driver has an unrestricted driving licence. this means that at 25 without any lost licenses or convictions, you can rent a car.

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