How to rent a car without a credit card

There are a number of ways to rent a car without a credit card, but some might require more of an investment. if the renter has the money and wants to guarantee their reservation, they could put payment down on another credit card and then cancel it after they return from their trip.

alternately, renters can use something like plastiq for large purchases or outright for smaller ones to pay with a personal check or debit card. of course many companies won't accept those as forms of payment due to security reasons, but those willing providers usually also allow certain third parties including prepaid cards such as ideal (for instance). they can be picked up at wal-mart or any store that sells gift certificates that often include prepaid

which rental car company does not require a credit card?

one company routinely cited for having no credit card policy is avis. for long term rentals, there are leases available that require a refundable deposit in lieu of a credit card. we've also seen reports of hertz requiring only major personal identification to rent a car–no id, no contract, they're said to accept cash if you choose their “pay at the desk” option.

can i rent a car using someone else's card?

yes you can.

you just need the person's card on file with us, which includes their account verification information. if they don't have an account yet, fill out this form to generate one for them in seconds! at that point, they'll be able to do everything online through their dashboard- including creating a rental agreement and choosing where to pick up the car.

why can't i use my friend's card? won't he get charged if their payment doesn’t go through?

buttons are real friends who live in another state or country and would love for you to rent their car while they are away. mutual friends might busy with work all week, but still hungry for this chat

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