How to rent a car

If there is no car rental agency near you, it's best to sign up for an account to reserve your desired vehicle.

what are the steps to renting a car?

the steps to renting a car are as follows:
1) obtain driver's license. in drives with specific law for age restriction, licensor may have to be older than the given level. for example, in oregon a person must be 25 years old to drive a car alone.
2) present that same driver's license and a valid credit card or debit card at the counter that is not expired by more than two months from its expiration date (your rental company will inform you if they require an international driving permit). make sure your name on either of those ids matches your account information on file because this will affect where you drop off the vehicle and how much you pay (e.g., name could match but address

what proof do i need to rent a car?

normally all you have to have is a valid drivers license, but some providers also require that you provide two forms of identification or your signature on an authorization form.

your real question probably has something to do with the type of car you are trying to rent. the provider will often require some kind of credit card on file for security purposes, which shouldn't be difficult if the person lives in the same country they are renting in. also usually required for renters under 25 years old is having a major credit card or providing a photocopy of their passport along with anything else they would need to get through customs at an airport upon returning home.

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