How to replace a car battery

If the car is too old, it might not start at all and a jump-start won't do anything.
if you're still able to successfully start the car and see fluid pulsing through the brake lines then it's just that battery and you can replace one yourself easily with a little time and patience.
but first, make sure both connections are clean as dirty contacts can cause corrosion over time which could lead to future issues with your new battery as well. follow all safety precautions for handling batteries like wearing gloves or using tongs to avoid getting acid on yourself as this will only cause problems as well (using even vaseline).
first we'll want to remove any metal objects from around the battery wires such

can i replace car battery myself?

parts of the car which require high voltage to operate (such as headlights, windshield wipers, starter etc…) typically have their own battery. if you're having problems with any of these items it is advisable to get the battery tested first before replacing it. if there are no malfunctions in these equipment then your problem might be that your alternator belt needs replacement or your terminals connections need cleaning. these can be fixed without changing out the battery and expense of $£$s. but if you do want to change out the battery, refer to service manual on how to take apart components in order for user access inside housing unit for removal and installation of new one. wear safety goggles when taking apart so avoid contact with unknown liquids which

is replacing a car battery easy?

the difficulty of replacing a battery really depends on the type of battery you're talking about. it can be as simple as popping out one side panel and unplugging or unscrewing the cables that connect to the old battery, then just swapping it with the new one. others may require you to remove either fog lights, headlights, or at worst take off your front bumper before removing it.

how do i replace my car battery?

if you have a car, you should know how to replace your own battery. i use this one (http://www.walmart.com/ip/maxxima-12-volt-deep…). you might want to ask someone at the store for help getting it in place and properly connected if not sure what cables are for what part of the battery.

which battery terminal do you take off first?

it depends on the type of battery, but typically it's the negative terminal, which has a minus sign (-) next to it.

if you are replacing the battery entirely, you should remove both at the same time. the positive one can be taken off first because there will be less power in that terminal. carefully balance your weight across both sides while removing them and avoid touching somebody else's car with your work clothes on 🙂

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