How to reset a car computer

Some car computers do not have a ‘reset' or ‘clear' button. in this case, you can disconnect the battery from the vehicle for approximately fifteen minutes to reset the computer.

in rare circumstances, when you don't have an available power outlet in your garage with close enough access to the car that a jump-start isn't feasible, you might need to be creative about how and where that battery is disconnected. here are a few tips:
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how do you reset your car's computer?

you don't.

you're right, you can't “reset” your car's computer. that said, experienced mechanics are very good at finding the root of certain symptoms that seem connected to system malfunctions. they then replace or repair the part that is malfunctioning to restore full function. of course this process is much easier when dealerships are involved because they have costly tools and software designed to make diagnosis easy for both them and their customers. mass market parts stores usually only carry replacement parts instead of diagnostic expertise which means they can't diagnose an issue nor are they set up to replace a part with necessary steps in mind without risking damage elsewhere in the engine compartment or complex wiring cycles indispensable towards modernized engine components like turbochargers

does disconnecting battery reset car computer?

no, disconnecting battery would not reset car computer.

typically what causes computers to malfunction is a power supply interruption, where the wrong voltage or frequency of electricity is provided by an electrical grid or generator and this impacts the health and performance of the circuit boards. disconnecting the battery in a car interferes with providing power to all circuits in a vehicle and does not allow it to drive; however, when there's no external power source available, such as with cars without working alternators, disconnection of the battery may keep certain systems running for hours or days until they cease functioning. so long as there's enough current left in capacitors (a bank of interconnected capacitors located among other systems) after driving for 20

how long does it take for a car computer to reset?

it really depends on the car. it can take anywhere from two minutes to about an hour, and the process varies by car manufacturer, model year, and type of reset.

is it safe to reset car computer?

it's a little bit of a mixed bag. some carmakers plainly state to not reset the computer in their manuals, while others either say it's ok to do so or don't mention it at all.

but basically, to be absolutely sure you're not going to need the dealer… just don't go around resetting your dash randomly unless you know what you're doing and have access to resources that can help you back yourself up if something goes wrong. in most cases, just leave the computer safe and sound for technicians who know how its chip works from scratch. there are certain scripts that identify drivers by serial number which might erase any adjustments you make after a manual start off without even realizing–talk about a pain in the

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