How to reset car bluetooth

If your car is made by honda, you can forget about ever resetting the bluetooth without a factory code. this is true of all hondas that i know of.

how do i reset my bluetooth in my car?

step 1: locate the button on the car steering wheel that says “brw” and push it.
step 2: turn off interruptions or lock your phone to avoid any accidental messages.
step 3: put your phone close enough to the driver's seat and wait for it to search for bluetooth signals.
step 4: select “bluetooth audio” from the list of devices on your iphone's screen, if it is listed there under headset or speaker options. if not, skip this step and proceed to step 5 below.
step 5: select “wireless gear” as your device so as not to connect with another car by mistake (if you have two cars with bluetooth). again, select

why won't my bluetooth connect to my car anymore?

are you using an update is it possible that your car might have an earlier version of bluetooth? you can test this by connecting your phone to the car. if the connection occurs, go into the settings of your iphone and look at “general.” if there is a software update available, please follow the directions to install. otherwise, if something else might be causing it to not connect with your iphone or android device, using a different process is recommended. let us know what happens! good luck!

hi- i've had this problem before so i may have some information on what could be going wrong for you. your best bet would be to absolutely clear out any trace of apple carplay from being active on your phone

how do i reset my bluetooth?

your bluetooth is reset once you power down your device and re-activate it.

trying to force the bluetooth coils to stop sending signals will not work, nor would uninstalling bluetooth. a factory reset of the device may be helpful, or deleting other power hungry apps that may impede with the signal reception which occurs via radio waves. if all else fails, contacting customer service should help because they already know what you're going to do even if they're just guessing because so many people ask the same question over and over again about their signals being interfered with. hopefully i made it sound like this was easy for anyone who needs some poor advice on how to up their game in life these days! ciao, amigos!

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