How to scrap a car for the most money

I'm not sure how to answer this question. how much money you get for scrapping a car would depend on the car's condition. the best way to find out an accurate price is by calling up your local landfill or recycler and asking them. what do you think other people are getting the cars scrapped at? i'll help you post this question in

how can i get the most money for my junk car?

the first step is to contact your state's vehicle inspection center for any other requirements that may apply before you sell your junk car. you should also remove or disable any data-driven devices installed by the manufacturer, such as a radio system, gps navigation unit, airbag control module, antilock braking system module, etc. your state's dmv can tell you what needs to happen so that it does not fail inspection if it is brought in again after being dismantled.
the next step is to research offers from salvage yards and auto recycling centers in your area and submit your quote request online with the best offer. remaining tasks include working with the wrecking yard on taking apart and smashing up your junk car into small pieces before

what are the most valuable parts on a scrap car?

the most valuable part on a scrap car is the metal that is used to make all its other parts like the engine and wheels. the next most valuable parts are usually plastic, rubber or glass depending on how many of those materials there are in the car itself. finally, we get to things like seat cushions and leather which can be worth up to $5 each.
there was a time where engines were worth quite a bit but with increased automation and fuel efficiency, they can go for as little as $30 these days (although it really depends on age). all in all one will have better luck scoring more cash by selling just about anything from within the car rather than just an engine! in fact if you don't want

what scrap makes the most money?

the best scrap metal to sell is called “copper” scrap. since copper is the most valuable, when it exceeds other types in weight, copper prices will often be considerably higher.

copper was an early choice for electrical wiring & piping because of its electrical and heat conductivity, malleability and long life expectancy in outdoor conditions. it's a major factor that drives the demand for new copper, which means that there are cheaper sources available than in years past when all building codes were still based on it.

how much do you usually get from scrapping a car?

this answer would depend heavily on the weight of the car and how much it scrapes to be worth. please include what your question was in your comment.

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