How to sell a car in arizona

You want to get the most money you can when trading your car, that means advertising it in the best way possible. what you're really trying to do with any advertisement is excite people enough about your product (car) to make them desire it more than the competition right now.

a really successful way of doing this is giving incentives for whoever buys your car if they contact you within two hours. it's not too costly and gives another incentive (the chance at getting a guaranteed sale). the best time for this? thursday night 10pm-11pm est, even if no one has responded yet. having a deadline forces action from buyers who may have been sitting on the fence- so many sales are lost because people don't

what do you need to sell car in az?

you will need to have a car title, proof of your vehicle registration, your vehicle registration card*, private party bill of sale stipulating the odometer sales history*…

i hope i was able to provide you with all the information you need. best of luck!

when selling a car in arizona does the title need to be notarized?

provided that you have a lien release letter from the co-signer, yes.

in arizona, among other states, a notarized title is required when registering your car. if you do not submit a signed and executed title in person, your application will also need to include two of the following: an original registration card with matching odometer information; a clear photocopy of both sides of one piece of identification with corresponding signature*, debt release letter from cosigner…if the applicant can provide at least three items from this list then it will be taken as proof that they are authorized to sign on behalf of the vehicle registrant.

is bill of sale required in arizona?


unfortunately, in the state of arizona financial transaction law is so absurdly complicated that there are no clear-cut answers to any question about it. for example, technically if you have a personal loan from bank a where bank b holds your mortgage then you are also borrowing money from bank b when you pay off your credit card at 3% interest with cash advances because you're using bank abcb's lines of credit. so let me give you one little rule i did find during my research – don't sell anything to anyone unless everyone involved has two forms of id and nobody needs to protect themselves financially later on.

how do you transfer a car title in arizona?

for a vehicle in arizona:
1. sign and date the back of the title and print your name in ink on the front of the title; then sign and date all titles that were transferred into your name.
2. fill out odot form 4803 (pdf) or smog-i (pdf). for details about what information to include on these forms, visit our state motor vehicle forms page for more information.
3. give the title, odot/smog-i 4803 form(s), and payment to an mvd full service agent or mvd self-service terminal at any time during normal business hours with proper identification (example: driver license); if done at a self-service

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