How to sell a car in california

First, you'll need to get a car title.
to do so, you'll need to go to the department of motor vehicles with your current registration and proof of identification. there's usually a fee for this service- check the dmv website for specific rates in your area(around $50). if needed, dmv will give you temporary permission to drive and continue driving under that license until it expires in 2 weeks or more.
if there are any liens on your title, they must be cleared before transferring ownership. that means showing up at the county treasurer's office with the existing owner, sometimes called “lienholder.” be sure that both parties are present when filing paperwork – if not indicated otherwise by their name on

what documents do i need to sell my car in california?

first, prepare your title and paperwork. for a clean sale, sign the title and transfer it to the new owner. for a used car, you will need to fill out an odometer disclosure statement (if more than 1 year old), get all keys from the previous owner and get them notarized if they still have them.
next, if you bought your vehicle from a dealership, contact their lost title department for information about why there's no clear ownership or their assistance in identifying which documents that they may need to take care of business with state.you may need: 1 signed copy of title and release – 1 copy of consumer's certificate of completion dmv form 159 completed by both buyer and seller- several dollars for passenger license plate

how do i protect myself when selling a car privately in california?

as a seller, it's your responsibility to fill out the “notice of transfer and release of liability form” and make sure that everyone who test drove your car at least signs it. if you find any problems with the title, get them fixed before you sell. make sure you get serial numbers for all important parts such as headlights, brake pads or rotors, etc!

aside from that, don't let anyone drive away in your vehicle without taking care of any necessary paperwork – not even if they promise to come back because something came up…they often don't and the dealership will cannot work without this form filled out correctly. i can assure buyers will be much more willing to buy a place where we know we

how much does it cost to sell a car in california?

in order to sell a car in california, you have to decide on the time frame. last july 1st, anyone who purchases a new vehicle from a dealership is subject to paying a fee of $175 for an air quality program.
within 24 hours of purchase buyers need to sign up for this program or they will be liable for higher registration fees due when they switch their tags over.
under the newer rules buyers can buy and use cars without registering them, but must pay taxes annually through property tax listing form ftb 3522pt. those who live in los angeles county or orange county may also require smog tests, according to local laws concerning motor vehicles not older than 3 years old.

what does all this mean? it

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