How to start a car with a dead key fob

The most difficult part of this solution is removing the key from the ignition. if you have a relatively new car with a push-button keyless start button that opens your trunk, then you can remove the keys by turning off your engine and opening your truck manually.

if not, then look for a hole in the back of your ashtray where you can gently pull out on it and insert a slim object such as an awl to release it. then tilt down vertically vertically until there's enough slack in it so that it'll detach from its hook without picking up any junk around or under it. next, use your fingers until you feel resistance at where they meet up near the cigarette lighter socket. this is typically

how do i start my car if my key fob dies?

your best bet is to call roadside assistance. outside of that, you could attempt to hot wire your car, but this is very dangerous and takes a lot of knowledge about how cars work.

if you are unsuccessful with either option, feel free to post the question on

will a dead key fob cause car not to start?

it can, if the fob dies and you don't have a keyless entry on the driver's side door.

if your battery is dead and you misplaced your keys, we'll come to your location and try to jump start your car. however, if you still have power but lost the fob or no longer use keyless entry then it can be difficult as we need another car near by for borrowing jumper cables. give us a call at 801-293-3854 for more help with those types of situations. and don't forget that aaa has that type of service too!
they are being helpful here in explaining things that are common knowledge are also stating how they can help in certain circumstances for free when other

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