How to start my car without chip key

Well, based on your question, i can only imagine there is something wrong with the key. if you don't have another one handy, most auto lock/unlock shops are happy to help out at a more reasonable cost than some folks charge for this service. they are also usually able to cut new keys for any car very quickly.
get your car checked out more extensively by a mechanic. there may be an issue with your ignition system that needs to be looked out before it costs more money in the long run. it could even lead to some type of internal damage if not repaired sooner rather than later!

can you start a car without a transponder key?

it's not recommended to try and start a car without a transponder key, even if you have somebody else's. newer cars use an immobilizer system that will require the right code in order to get the car running. when getting your vehicle serviced it would be best if they could provide you with a spare key for emergencies should your keys become lost or damaged. they also recommend keeping extra keys at other work places such as home or near other family members who can assist in cases of emergencies.

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how do you bypass a chipped key?

one option is to take the key in question to a locksmith. however, if the chipped key is for an old lock that doesn't have any other special locksmith-able features, then all that will happen when you take it in is that they'll say no, they won't be able to fix it. the thing about old conventional lock designs with just screws and gears without additional security features is that there's not much you can do to them beyond replacing one or more parts because there are so few ways of exerting force against the pin stacks. if someone has had enough time with your original key in their possession, they might have been able to come up with some improvised methods of unlocking your door (just like

can you bypass the key ignition?

no. a bypass on this vehicle is not possible. this is a security feature added to prevent thieves from driving off with the car.

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