How to tow a car behind an rv

Towing a car behind an rv is, in theory, possible but not recommended. the problem with towing a car is the massive air resistance that you subject your car to as it's being towed. the aerodynamic vulnerability of an open-top vehicle like a tow truck–or worse, the space age semi truck from those awful “monster truck” shows–catches up with those poor cars at high speeds and makes them shake violently until they run out of gas. in fact, one study found that when these vehicles are put on an electronically controlled dynamometer (a fancy treadmill for cars) and pushed past 60 mph – as many highways around america often allow – they die right away because pressure builds up before the fuel inject

is it bad to tow a car behind an rv?

it may be dangerous depending on the weight of the vehicle, how long it is towed, and what type of road you are travelling.

it wouldn't be a good idea to have a heavy car behind an rv for any extended period of time because they could damage the brakes by applying too much pressure in an effort keep up with braking distance. a heavier vehicle in front would cause a braking effect from inertia when they slow down which will make it even harder on brakes from behind. as well as exhaust will get sucked back into the cabin making it more stuffy inside.
many tow hitches can malfunction if not inspected frequently because stress points wear out over time and start swinging around too much when vehicles change speeds or turn corners causing

what small cars can be flat towed behind an rv?

if you're looking for small cars that can be flat towed, honda has an option for truck owners to tow a honda fit behind their rv.

there are a few smaller cars that can be towed by trailer, but honda is the only one to offer the thinner thinner ‘honda fit’ as part of its lineup because of its thin subframe design. the subframe helps give it better stability when being pulled by another vehicle, even if it's bumpy road or jostles around during highway driving. just make sure your car isn't too far from your camper at night!
please note: honda does not recommend towing their vehicles any faster than 30 mph for longer periods of time. in most cases

how do you hitch a car to an rv?

that's a question about trailer hitches and attaching trailers to cars. it's also a question about safety laws and trucking regulations. i'm not an expert on that subject, but i found this answer on yahoo! answers that might help: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140726210714aaevvx2 -ashley

ashley (9 july 2015). “how do you hitch a car to an rv?”

yahoo!, http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2109713%20-%20jknichols1017_. for more information, please visit the following site: https://answ

what equipment do you need to tow a car behind a motorhome?

you will need to be in possession of the following equipment in order to tow a vehicle behind your rv.

a class i receiver hitch. this can typically accommodate vans and smaller pickup trucks with relatively less than 10,000 pounds of maximum gross weight.
ball-type or weight-distributing hitch coupling. requires special installation hardware, but this type is more popular because it distributes the tow load better across the frame of the towed vehicle and provides smoother ride for both vehicles over rough roads (particularly when braking) the ball coupler does not provide for any articulation in the event that you want/need to turn sharply; however, if it turns out that you don't need these functions then this type is much easier

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