How to transfer car title

Information about do not transfer a car title without paying taxes first

this is the full list of situations where it is not possible to transfer a car title without paying sales tax.
we can legally hold on to our purchased car for up to 45 days before we need to pay the sales tax. for any reason within this 45-day period if you no longer wish or feel that you will be able, at any point in time, to afford the tax then you should return your purchased vehicle back to its authorized dealer before the end of 45 days and they are required by law to make this transaction with you outside of these requirements, if they do not proceed with this automatic request they are breaking state law which will keep

how do you transfer a title?

the easiest and quickest way to transfer a title is at your local dmv.

to transfer it, you need to take the following documents with you when you head over to the dmv:
a) out-of-state car registration or dated proof of ownership
b) smog certificate if applicable c) local, county, state id card
if there are any other required documents, they might be listed on the website for your local branch of the department of motor vehicles. it's usually possible to get this information in person or by telephone also. once all necessary documentation has been submitted for review and validation at their office, the new details will be provided on an out-of-state vehicle transfer form which needs to

can you do title transfer online?

the short answer is yes, if the state in which you live allows title transfers to happen entirely online. it should be noted that this is not always the case. some states require that the car must first go into an inspection then be transferred to your name before you can legally drive it on public roads.

the long answer? several people have asked why they cannot find out how much their vehicle will cost them after paying off their loan and taking ownership of it, assuming both are presumable at hand – or even why there isn't anything equivalent to an “agreement” made with a finance company for used cars- well guys, i'm sorry to break this to you but ever since 2013 (when it became legal), classic/ant

how much does a title transfer cost in north carolina?

the transfer cost for cars, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, minibikes and minicycles in north carolina is $75. for heavy trucks it is $135. for buses or conversion vans over 15000 pounds gross vehicle weight the fee is $160.

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