How to transfer car title in illinois

one of the most tedious tasks that car owners need to undergo with the onset of new state laws is transferring a title as often as possible. transferring a title can be time-consuming and expensive, so  this article will list out some websites and general steps  below for those looking to save time and money!
a few things we recommend before beginning: purchase an illinois title bond and transfer fee from the county clerk's office
indicating your name on documents where it is not duplicated on either side (e.g., manufacturer's certificate or manufacturer's statement of origin) – all junkyards require proof of ownership; identity theft prevention act requires proof of ownership (pictures aren't enough

can you transfer a car title online in illinois?

yes. you can do this online in illinois, like many other state agencies.

car titling usually requires two points of contact — an agent (like a dmv office) and you. the problem is that the agents are often very busy, so it would make sense to avoid them by doing your own titling at home or on-the-go with all the requirements electronically. illinois only requires the vin number for verification of ownership, which is primarily why they allow electronic titling via their website. so if you have access to a smartphone or tablet device, then you have everything that's required for electronic tiling – just fill out illinois' application form with all necessary information and send it off!

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how do i transfer a car title to a family member in illinois?

for a title transfer in illinois, a person must be a resident of illinois and have lived in the state for at least 30 days before filing the petition. as per the motor vehicle transfer act found within chapter 3.5 of title 3 of regulations, “any person owning or holding any certificate/license issued under this chapter may transfer by delivery” if it's been more than 10 years since their license was last surrendered. in order to complete the process, one will fill out form mv-160 and submit with that form an application for a duplicate license from the registrar in their current state for which they were licensed when they last surrendered their current drivers' license. one will file both forms together at any court in illinois who's

how much does it cost to transfer a car title and plates in illinois?

this question is not very clear. i'm assuming you're asking how much it would cost to change registration plates and title tags, which could vary depending on your insurance provider, the type of vehicle the title is applied to, etc. if you want more specific information about this topic please ask a better-informed question so future answerers will be able to provide you with an accurate answer.
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can you do title transfer online?

sure. here's how to do it the right way.

find the deed of sale for your property on your county's recorders website, or see what they're doing for requesting citizen access here. purchase a certified copy by filling out this form and paying $8 for expedited delivery via usb drive, email or fax (check with your clerk first). you'll need to bring this document plus an id proving you are the homeowner to transfer ownership over to new owners at any title company/realtor setup – they may charge additional fees (typically $15-$25) depending on their location and setup process.

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