How to tune a car

Tuning a car means adjusting the timing and firing order of various components in the engine to allow for greater performance.

the drivetrain – tariff can effect what is considered “normal” in your vehicle.
the camshaft – a bad ground on the sender might cause inaccurate readings, or a loose fit in another part could cause drastic changes like inconsistent gaps and valvedrag.
sensors and switches- they transmit information from one part of the vehicle to another. get your sensors checked when you get an oil change so they aren't oversized or mismatched with each other! if one sensor isn't working correctly it could lead to knock, low fuel efficiency or poor idle quality-

can you tune a car yourself?

it is possible to tune a car yourself. if the car is just being used for personal use, it will not be warrantied with any issues from tuning if performed by a proficient mechanic or knowledgeable owner who takes appropriate precautions.

car enthusiasts often modify their cars without the input of a professional due to custom preference and mechanical knowledge they have acquired. the dangerous nature of this undertaking does make it more questionable as to whether it is worth the risk if there are no dramatic improvements in performance as well as cost vs. benefits long-term as time is spent on trial and error trying to find an effective modification that suits their needs instead of investing in manufacturer approved parts known for producing optimal gains.
in most cases, those who do not

how do you start tuning a car?

in order to start adjusting your car's engine, you will need a few tools. these include a gas can, fuel line cleaner, torque wrench and screwdriver.

start by removing the top spark plugs from the cylinder head then spray them with fuel line cleaner until they discharge black carbon deposits from their tips. then unscrew them with a socket wrench and remove any debris found on their threads of shaved down metal before wiping clean again with a laboratory lab wipe. next loosen off the center bolt of each valve cover so that it doesn't later get in the way when tightening its screws.

after this use wire brush to gently scrub away any dirt or corrosion from these covers before cleaning again with lab wipes more thoroughly than before and use

is tuning your car illegal?

actually it depends on what you mean by “tuning”

if you are talking about illegal street racing, yes. if you are talking about improving the performance of your car, then no.
however there is a balancing act here that some people don't seem to understand. yes i'm ok with modifying my car to go faster but not if it puts others in danger on the road – just like how someone might be okay with speeding up their computer or purchasing better parts for their laptop without any consideration for how it might affect anyone else's experience (e.g.: high-end graphics cards heat up and make laptops really hard to use) it can quickly become clear how this example applies to cars as well; do more modifications

what does a tuning do to a car?

tuning is usually used to adjust the engine so it runs more efficiently. tuning might include changes to the air flow, fuel mix, ignition timing. these types of modifications have a dramatic impact on the performance of an engine both for fuel economy and power. for example, getting your air filter clean can improve gas mileage by 10%. you might also read about tuning being done for custom exhaust systems, but that is very different from what we are talking about here.

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