How to turn off car play

There's no way to turn off carplay just yet.

carplay is apple's infotainment system for drivers. when you're using carplay while driving, there are situations where it can be unsafe to interact with your iphone while behind the wheel. the good news is that anytime you're not using carplay, unlocking or swiping your screen won't pose a distraction because other uses of your iphone aren't necessary while driving so long as you have voice control enabled for use in voice-to-text messaging and other preferences.
if you've completed what you need to do on the device before getting in the car, put it away safely before starting the vehicle – even if that means keeping it away from reach in a

how do you turn off apple carplay?

carplay recognizes incoming calls and texts, reads them out loud (and sends it to voiceover or zoomtext), scrolls between web pages or messages, navigates to locations requested by the user, finds contacts in your address book through topics like making calls, sending messages, requesting rides from services like uber and lyft, giving directions with apple maps. to turn off carplay you'll need to go into settings > general > restrictions > allow changes.

to disable carplay you will need to go into settings>general>restrictions>allow changes.

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how do i disable airplay?

it's easy to disable airplay from the control center. swipe up from the bottom of your screen, then tap airplay.
select your device you want to turn off, and swipe left again to disable it.
don't worry about turning it back on until you need or want to use airplay. you can also follow these steps in-depth in this article if you'd like more information about how to do it: https://www.xmodulo.com/disable-airplay-control-center/

how do i stop my iphone from playing in my car?

this is a common problem nowadays. a lot of people use iphones on the road, and it's hard to get around without music. that's why so many people are using headphones with their handsets. one option for you on the other hand is to purchase an fm transmitter, which plugs into your audio input jack in your vehicle and broadcasts your iphone audio through your car stereo speakers. there are plenty of portable fm transmitters on the market that would do just the job, if bluetooth isn't working for you or if you want better reception around corners or valleys where bluetooth tends to have issues passing through. if shopping online makes more sense for you, try john lewis', currys' or argos' websites (uk customers).

how do i stop carplay from automatically playing music?

settings > general > carplay

this is a setting, not an app. you can disable carplay's auto-play function by going to settings > general > carplay. under the music tab you have the option of turning off auto play by selecting off at the top of the screen. many cuvs come with some form of infotainment system that has this enabled for some reason. the user is left to their own devices if they want to listen to music on their predefined playlist or just shut it off entirely.

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