Locked my keys in my car who do i call

You should call _____________.
one easy way to open a locked car door is with pure glycerin, which you can buy at the drugstore. pour some pure glycerin onto the door area where you need to unlock it. if there is any residue on your key, this will lubricate the lock and make it possible for your key (or similar object) to slide in between the tumblers easily unlocking your door!
it might take more than one try but if no luck keep pouring more on up until all of it has gone into that little gap! make sure that once unlocked that you wipe off any excess glue immediately with a paper towel or napkin before driving away so as not damage anything inside of

will the police unlock your car for free?

generally, if you are having an issue with your car key, the police will usually either exchange the particular key for you or open up your vehicle so that you can gain access to it.

how do you unlock your car with keys inside?

it is a general belief that if you lock your car and then drop the keys through a hole in the window you will be able to open the car doors with a coat hanger.

this does not work because when one locks their door, it automatically triggers locking mechanism in all doors. furthermore, most newer cars also trigger an anti-theft system when the horn is honked once which disables any keyless entry systems such as remote fobs and handles (insert “phones” jokes here).

what do i do if i locked my keys in the car?

you should call the police first thing, because if you break into your car, you may be violating an anti-theft law that could result in criminal charges. after that, you should try to contact someone with a slim jim or other lock-opening devices; either stash them in the car before locking it up again, or request help from somebody who has one.
lastly, consider contacting someone like aaa (or its equivalent) because they may have access to people who can open cars equipped with state-of-the art locks – and at times even cars not manufactured yet! and finally lastly… make sure you never lose your keys again! this'll take some time off your life – literally! if this post

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