My car got towed what are my rights

Your rights are few and far between.

what do you do when your car gets towed?

walking to the place where you believe it has been taken wouldn't be a bad idea, but before doing so, search for “towed car” on google maps to find out if it is near. if your car hasn’t been towed by police or government officials, try contacting the tow company who towed the car and tell them that it was illegal; typically they'll release your vehicle for free (though some require small fees). before paying any of these fees, call emergency services like 911. your last option is to see if anybody can assist with transporting you safely back home or drop off employees at their homes after removing their cars from the parking lots.

can i get my belongings from my towed car?

this type of question if typically answered by a towing company.

if you have a question about what personal items may be available or whether there may be an opportunity for payment programs, please contact the towing company. if your car had no passanger inside and was not impounded for any reason other than traffic citations, then the car will most likely remain in the lot it was towed from, outside until its owner can claim them or pay storage fees.
in order to tow an unclaimed vehicle that is parked in violation of city ordinance, all that is needed is notification at least 24 hours in advance confirming e-mail address and phone number on file with the rental agency (usually listed as mailing address). the police officer can

how do i find my car after being towed?

you can visit the city's tow lot to see if they have your car.

many cities will maintain lists of recent tows, and these lists sometimes accompany a map for easily finding the location where any given vehicle was taken. the fees associated with this type of search usually won’t exceed $2-5. if you don't find your car there, then call or email to see if it still remains at its original location and ask for assistance in retrieving it. if the vehicle has been sold and/or moved elsewhere, you'll need to pay court costs and storage fees before getting it back – unless someone confesses having towed it without permission.

can you negotiate towing fees?

the short answer is no. the majority of towing companies are upfront about the pricing before you have the vehicle towed. it is important for them to have a policy in place so they are not taken advantage of because without one, any driver could offer to tow your vehicle and charge whatever they want.
long version: factories who buy cars outright or take out loans usually pay a higher fee for that service which can lead to much higher prices because if they didn't agree to that plan then it would be much more expensive because manufacturers usually demand free authorized services through their warranties. vehicle owners who want an extended warranty may also end up paying more for this service due to its usefulness related with potential repairs. if you don't

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