My car shakes when i drive

Have you had your tires rotated recently?

if not, then it's likely that you need to get them replaced. if the tires are old and dry rotted, because that wears out the center of the tire and makes it bulge outwards, which can make for a handful of problems like bad handling and shaking when driving because there is an imbalance in air pressure. having worn or low quality tires can also deplete your cars lifespan by three to five years too. so i would either try rotating tires first or have new ones installed if they're overly cheap to replace at a local shop.”

is it safe to drive when your car is shaking?

driving in a car that is shaking can be very dangerous and someone may want to stop driving when their vehicle is shaking.

since shaking will make it harder for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle, it's important not to drive when one's car is shacking. if possible, find a safe place to stop and let the car calm down before they continue on. some people will want call for emergency help and others might just wait until everything stops moving before continuing on with their journey.

why does my car shake when i drive?

the shaking of a vehicle while driving can be caused by a variety of common things.
inconsistent pressure from the driver's foot on the gas pedal may lead to bobbing, which can cause power steering fluid pumps to shake and make noise. there may also be excessive play in your front end alignment, tires that are going bald, or strut mounts that need replacement. these conditions often manifest themselves through a “bucking” sensation at around 40-45 mph and manifest more acutely at higher speeds.
you should get your car checked out immediately! the sooner you identify these problems, the easier it will be for mechanics looking for what is causing your vehicle's uncomfortable shaking while driving! for other excellent suggestions about identifying this issue

what do you do when your car shakes while driving?

in the event of a shake, make sure your tires are not low in air pressure. this is because low pressure can cause unequal forces on the tire's surface and result in shaking. occasionally a shake will be related to a specific place or bump that i cannot see from where i am sitting. try to identify what you were going over when it shook and pay attention if it happens again. if you know for certain you went over a pothole, drive to the side of the road before proceeding on so that the car doesn't get damaged by impact with said pothole on any other part of its journey. otherwise if this goes on more than twice than something might be caught under your vehicle which would then require getting out

should i be worried if my car is shaking?

it is not uncommon for a car to start shaking after hitting major or minor bumps in the road.

the outcome of this shaking depends on what it feels like. if the car is fine overall, but the wheels are vibrating? no need to worry. but if you are pulling to one side, hearing grinding sounds, or feel something abnormal when turning the steering wheel, do not hesitate to contact your mechanic or take your car in for inspection immediately!

advice for those with no (or limited) mechanical knowledge:
learn as much as you can about cars and engines by researching online and watching youtube videos by reputable channels such as ted-ed. there's a lot of really great information out there on how cars work and some

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