N 2017 which automobile manufacturer plans to launch 100 self-driving vehicles to customers?

There are no automobile manufacturers that have announced any plans to launch 100 self-driving vehicles.

what companies make the technology for self driving cars?

google is making self-driving cars. vehicles are equipped with array of sensors, including radar and lasers, to detect other cars on the road, along with cameras to read traffic signals, so they have a better idea of what may be coming around the next corner.
a typical sensor suite includes radar that provides distance measurements but no speed information; optical sensors that give closure estimates or full images of other objects in all lighting conditions; high-precision gps receivers for determining location fixes for navigation purposes; accelerometers for estimating orientation within three degrees of true north; gyros for estimating rotational rates associated with inertial navigation systems; pressure sensors mounted inside the tires to measure abnormalities in tire rotation due to contact between tire rubber and pavement irregularities or

which manufacturers are leading the driverless car market?

tesla, mercedes-benz, general motors.

who is leading the self driving car technology?

there are a few names one could throw out as examples of leaders in the self-driving car industry. google, tesla, mercedes-benz, and nissan come to mind as likely contenders for prediction markets or betting pools.

the difference between a self-driving car and a driverless car is a gradual transition from human interaction with machine feedback to complete autonomy. human control will always be an option but will gradually diminish as applicable information flows from sensors picking up pedestrians, weather changes or traffic events to navigation systems that guide our path.”
naming contenders seems difficult because there are dozens of well funded companies that would probably take this role if they were able to claim it first. for example, waymo has billions in funding on their

which company has already started testing self driving vehicles?

alphabet inc. has been testing self-driving vehicles for a while, but the company is making a lot of progress and in may 2015 it was reported that they had driven more than a million miles autonomously.

google's vehicles have led to many groundbreaking innovations including lidar, which google cofounders larry page and sergey brin pioneered. unlike other forms of autonomous driving technology like cameras or radar, lidar provides accurate 3-d imaging up to 30 meters (100 feet) in all directions. as such, google's vehicles can detect objects like pedestrians even if they aren't directly visible to the vehicle itself. this innovative advance is far superior to what you might come across on your nightly walk home after drinking one too

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