The name of which car company means “i roll” in latin?

Tesla motors is a company based in palo alto, california. tesla's mission is to produce cars which run on electricity as freely as gasoline-powered cars do now. the name is apt because the latin word “telsa” means “i roll”. similarly, the car being driven here by those photogenic leggy women smiling from ear to ear was the prototype of tesla's electric car, named after nikola tesla who invented alternative current and began experimenting with alternators and transformers back in 1883.
this article discusses some of the technical difficulties that face a company trying to create an electric car – battery technology is among them at number one. but it was this same nikola tesla who predicted over 100 years ago that we'd

what car company name means i roll in latin?

it's a paradoxical question because the latin word for “mobility” is “mobilis”, which can mean either “moving easily or capably, nimble” – in the sense of being able to move your fingers over a white key board – or, in contrast, would could be translated as “having little freedom of movement from one place to another”.
in this situation, it seems that car company names have been interpreted in different ways. some say that when you take out an m and replace it with a c, “-oli” becomes “-olli,” pronounced oh-lee. add in a suffix meaning roll and you get words such as bowled over or buttered up “-erolli,” slaveringly

what language is volvo?

it's swedish.

volvo is an automotive company headquartered in sweden. volvo filed for bankruptcy on feb 14, 1999 but was restructured as a wholly owned subsidiary of the dutch automobile manufacturer volvo nv (parent company). the new volvo cars corporation has since returned to profitability and enjoys steady sales growth. the registration “volvo” runs contrary to the made-in-germany brand; it should be noted that many cars are assembled in germany with parts manufactured elsewhere.

what does horch mean in latin?

horch means “listen.”

this word was pronounced bloodlessly by roman soldiers barking orders, sending commands among rows of gladiators fighting to the death. it's reported that there were two types of this noise that could be heard—the sound coming from the rabble in the stands and the sound bouncing off the stone walls—and it ceased to make any major difference whether you won or lost once you got used to never having any time for yourself. as a symbol for today's endless barrage of information, media, advertising noise, music blasting at service-defining volumes, constant interruptions during meals with phone calls and texts messaging constantly intruding on ever more limited personal space—the term horch offers an interesting analogy

where did the name volvo come from?

the story of how volvo got its name dates back to 1894. swedish engineer assar gabrielsson and his son, assar gustafsson, were world travelers who had studied mechanical engineering in paris at age 40. when they returned home to sweden, they became involved with building boats.
assar jr., an entrepreneur-to-be, made it work for him by importing french buses after mastering germany's top language–german! ten years later he took over the family company from his father & renamed the company volvo. it was first manufactured as a lathe machine for different types of screw machining along with metal bending machines used for pipes before sewing machines were added to their line.
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